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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning ServiceThe best treatment for your worn and greying carpets is a professional carpet cleaning service. Delicate Cleaning specialise in all the various carpet cleaning methods and ensure a service to match your carpet type while delivering an outstanding result every time.

Reliable & Fast Carpet Cleaning Service to Your Doorstep

Why should you book a carpet cleaning service with us? For starters, we have placed teams in key points so that our technicians are never late for their appointments and are always one step ahead of the traffic, which hinders bigger companies. Our technicians are professionals who have proven themselves in the field essays-buy and who have cleaned thousands of carpets.

Delicate Cleaning believe that no customer should be inconvenienced by a rigid set of scheduling hours, which is why we offer a flexible time table. You can book a carpet cleaning service any day of the week, be it Monday or Sunday. We cover working days and all bank holidays.

Our Methods

Delicate Cleaning uses industry leading methods and techniques to achieve the best result possible for different carpet types with cleaning materials which are not only effective, but are environmentally safe as well.

We treat synthetic fibre with the hot water extraction method, which is more commonly known as steam cleaning. This method injects hot water deep into the fabric of the carpet, which ten becomes absorbed along with any dirt and stains into the steam cleaning machine. For carpets or rugs made from natural fibre, we treat them using dry-cleaning, a method where the fibre is showered with  dirt absorbent powder to freshen the carpet’s look.

Book Our Carpet Cleaners in Radlett WD7

Call 020 3026 2382 in order to speak to a representative of our support staff, which is always available 24/7 or use our online booking form to book a carpet cleaning service.

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